Ski: insurance policy and rules of conduct

Versione italiana - Sci: polizza assicurativa e doveri degli sciatori

Are you a skier? Do you know your rights and obligations when you're on the slopes?

Since 01 January 2022, there are new rules on the safety of winter sports disciplines provided by Legislative Decree 40/2021, which have been added to those relating to the signage already known and active on all ski slopes.

The obligations established by the new legislation can be summarized as follows


  1. Always behave with caution, only take tracks that are suitable to your abilities; be careful at crossroads, change your trajectory and reduce your speed to avoid any contact with skiers coming from another direction or from another slope. Don't ski off the slopes;
  2. If you are tired or you drank excessively or you took drugs, avoid skiing. Use the lifts to get back to your venue! The law enforcement might run alcohol or drug tests on the skiers. Violators risk fines from 250 euros to 1,000 euros.
  3. At night, use only authorized lifts; the moonlight skiing is not romantic, but dangerous;
  4. The consequences of your incorrect or imprudent behavior can be serious for you and for others;
  5. Do not leave valuables in cars and do not leave skis unattended for a long time; when stopping at refuges or other areas, leave your equipment outside the skiable area, so as not to hinder or endanger others. In all cases, the fines range from 50 to 150 euros.
  6. In case of need, promptly call 112 the emergency number.
  7. In the event of an accident, you must provide assistance. Failure to help may constitute a crime and the administrative fine ranges from 250.00 to 1,000.00 euros.
  8. If you are involved in an accident or witness one, you are required to provide your personal details.
  9. If you are a minor or have minor children, be aware that the use of a helmet is mandatory (with the exception of cross-country skiing). In this case the fine is between 100 and 150 euros.
  10. It is forbidden to walk on the ski slopes, except for urgent needs; It is also forbidden climbing the ski slopes upwards with skis on your feet or with snowshoes. In these cases, the fines range from 100 to 150 euros. There are also fines for the skier who does not give the precedence to the mechanical vehicles used for rescue or maintenance of the slopes and lifts. For those who block the easy and fast circulation, even of the mechanical vehicles outside opening hours in case of necessity and urgency, the sanctions range from 100 to 150 euros.


From 2021 civil liability insurance is mandatory for damage or injury caused to third parties: the managers of ski facilities, with the exception of those reserved for cross-country skiing, must make available to users, when purchasing the ski pass, an insurance policy for civil liability for damage caused to people or things.

If you already have insurance, remember to download the documents (also in digital format) or carry them with you, as evidence that you are insured. The fine for those who do not have insurance, ranges from 100 to 150 euros and causes the withdrawal of the ski pass.

For information and assistence, call the Consumer Counter MC 06 948 070 41 or fill in the contact form.